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Your phone now knows where it is and responds appropriately.
Driver Auto ID
Driver Auto-ID text
Phone Auto-lock
Driver Auto-Lock text
Auto-ID phone

Driver Auto-ID

Enables your app to know whether the user is a driver or a passenger.

  • Provides ability to identify driver’s car vs. other cars without the use of proprietary hardware
  • Gives better resolution to blurry data
  • Improves accuracy and reduces effort of compliance reporting
  • Corroborates employee activity
  • More efficient battery profile for your app

Phone Auto-Lock

Prevents distracted driving by automatically locking a person’s phone when they drive their car.

  • Reduces the liability of phone misuse
  • Improves cost reduction both before and after an incident
  • Customizable lock
    – Hands-free only
    – Continued use of corporate app
Driver Auto-ID
Phone Auto-lock

Trucks on highway

Trucks on highway


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