Don’t be distracted. Just drive.

SafeRide® offers consumer and business solutions to combat distracted driving.

The problem of distracted driving is getting worse.
See the stats.

SafeRide Lock Screen

Now you can do something about it.

SafeRide® is an app that automatically locks a driver’s phone while driving. It eliminates the temptation and distractions that mobile phones cause while driving.


SafeRide works by recognizing the hardware in your car: Bluetooth and/or telematics devices.

Bluetooth or telematics devices in your car

As you start to drive, your phone screen will lock and it will mute your rings and alerts, so you can pay attention to the road.

Phone screen will lock

You are still able to make emergency calls and use your hands‑free system.

Emergency calls

You can use your phone’s navigation or music by starting them before you drive or through hands‑free controls.

Map and music icons

After you’ve parked your car, your phone will wake up.

Phone will wake up

Save yourself.
Save your family.
Save your employees.

And everyone you share a road with.


Wherever life takes you, get there safely.