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I don’t have Bluetooth in my car

Not every car has Bluetooth built-in. No problem. You can use any Bluetooth device meant for the car, including aftermarket hands-free or GPS units. If you don’t have a device like this, we recommend this inexpensive Bluetooth-enabled USB charger (

Can’t find my car in list

Check manufacturer information from your car to determine the name of the Bluetooth device in your car, make sure it’s turned on and paired to your phone correctly.

Using my phone’s navigation

Click on gear icon, click Preferences, click Approved Apps, and select desired navigation app from list. Once added, unmute if you want to hear directions. To use while driving, enter address and begin navigating before you drive. If you need to access the maps once the phone is locked, there will be an Icon for the app you have allowed on the bottom of the lock screen.

Calling 911

When the phone is locked, click the Emergency Call button at the top of the screen. This will open the phone, with 911 entered. Hit send. No other numbers can be dialed.

Using hands-free in my car

If setup prior to driving, all hands-free functions available through car are still available. If you have no hands-free in the car, you can setup and use Google Assistant.

Passenger mode

If your phone locks while you are a passenger in a car you would otherwise drive, click the passenger mode button on the lock screen, below the SafeRide Logo. 

My battery drains quickly

If you are concerned that the GPS will drain your battery, or if you drive on long trips, you can disable your phone’s GPS. The SafeRide App will lock your phone as soon as you get in your car. If you need to use your phone in the car, while not driving, simply click the GPS Off button on the SafeRide Lock Screen and then turn your GPS back on. SafeRide will determine that you are not driving and then unlock your phone.

My phone crashed

If your Android device remains locked when it should not be, you can force restart by removing the re-inserting the battery. If your battery cannot be removed, please press and hold the Power button and Volume-down buttons together for at least 5 seconds until the screen goes black and then lights up again. You should see a “boot” menu with options. Select the option to start your phone normally.

Can I still use Android Auto?

Android Auto should work as it has always worked, but your actual phone will remain locked and unavailable while driving.

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