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Distracted Driving Facts

Distracted Driving Facts 3,477: The number of people killed in 2015 by distracted driving. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration survey) 391,000: The number of people injured by distracted driving in 2015 (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration survey) The average crash costs an employer $16,500. When a worker has an on-the-job crash that results in an injury, the cost to their employer is $74,000. Costs can exceed $500,000 when […]

The pen is also mightier than the phone.

The company that brought you a free app to prevent distracted driving now offers you a free New Driver Agreement. At SafeRide®, we believe that families who build safe driving plans together foster effective, face‑to‑face communication, which leads to safer driving behaviors. A great way to do that is with our New Driver Agreement. It […]