For the Insurance Industry

SafeRide saves lives and greatly improves your UBI solution by bringing situational awareness to your mobile app.

Improve your loss ratio
Premiums vs. Loss
  • Lower the risk of your population
  • Fewer accidents and less severity equals reduced payouts
  • Reduce false claims
  •  Create an audit trail of phone usage
Save lives
  • Prevent distracted driving – take the phone out of driver’s hands
  • Works automatically every time
  • Remove the temptation
  • Help break the addiction
  • Teaches safe driving habits
Grow your customer base
  • Differentiate your offering
  • Gain pricing power by adding value
  • Allow riskier customers to be        insured and retained
  • Easy addition of a UBI solution through an app-only approach
  • Improves UBI offering
Bring resolution to blurry data
Magnifying Glass
  • Provides driver/car pairing through   your mobile app
  • Know who’s driving if you’re tracking cars
  • Know which car if you’re tracking drivers
  • Filters out irrelevant data
  • Add telematics data from your mobile app into your UBI solution
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